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Dear Ms. Shoji,
My experience at your office last week was exceptional. The hearing test was the most complete and extensive I have had, and the results are amazing - especially since you activated the phone component in the hearing aids. There has been a significant change in my "sociability" with others as a result.
Marge A
Mount Shasta, CA

About Us

Patricia M. Weil MS, CCC-A

Ms. Weil has been a practicing audiologist since 1983 when she graduated from the University of Arizona. After serving an internship at Children’s Hospital in San Diego, she was on staff at Loma linda University. Prior to moving to Redding, Ms. Weil served as director of audiology at the Hearing Institute of the Desert in Rancho Mirage, California. The Redding Hearing Institute was founded by Ms. Weil in 1994 and has now grown to include two audiologists.

Leslie Shoji MA, CCC-A

Ms. Shoji has been a practicing Audiologist since 1983 when she graduated from Cal State University, Los Angeles. She served her internship and subsequently joined the staff at Loma linda University. Prior to joining Redding Hearing Institute, Ms. Shoji served as Director of Audiology at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, Specializing in cochlear implants.

The Redding Hearing Institute is an independently operated hearing health practice comprised of California licensed Audiologists who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Our Audiologists are well versed in both pediatric and adult testing techniques as well as in the aural rehabilitation process. As licensed hearing instrument dispensers we are able to offer a full range of audiologic services from diagnostics to treatment of hearing disorders through hearing aid dispensing.

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